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Fuckboy Repellent - Lovability Inc.

Fuckboy Repellent

$ 10.00

Our Instagram-famous Fuckboy Repellent started off as a limited specialty with-purchase item, but has now become available on it's own due to huge demand! 

Fuckboy repellent is a non-toxic glitter body spray we designed to give gals an extra edge when fending off that obnoxious dude at the bar or the one who won’t take no for an answer. We like to say “one glittery spray keeps the fuckboys away.” 


Water, Non-Toxic Gold Glitter, Vegetable Oil

Directions: Shake it like a polaroid picture, spray towards disrespectful dudes who won’t leave you alone.

The glitter leaves a mark. Put that Fuckboy in his place and protect your fellow sisters.